Leon Stefanopoulos

Full-time sixth-form student, part-time barman and occasional DJ, I decided to start writing this blog to bring together my passions for UK Urban Dance music and for writing. I wasn’t around when Garage was in its peak, but its one of my favourite genres and one of the most misunderstood.

I realised the want to start writing this blog after finishing my college EPQ (basically a mini-dissertation) on sampling in music. Originally I wanted to discuss hip-hop for half of it and Garage and Jungle for the other half; however, during my research process I discovered that, compared to literature on Hip-Hop, there was almost nothing on UK dance genres.

Outside of Garage and jungle, I have a wide music taste, ranging from James Brown to Ed Sheeran and the Beatles to Rage against the Machine. I’ll listen to basically any genre – the only stuff I don’t really like is Pop, but give it a few years and I’ll probably listen to it for the “nostalgia”.

With this blog, however, I’m only focussing on UK Dance/Urban – I’m hoping to get more people into it and learn more about it myself.


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