Genre: Garage

Emerging as a sub-genre of house music in New York’s renowned Paradise Garage nightclub in the mid 90s, Garage quickly became the signature sound of London’s rave scene due to its infectious rhythm and soulful vocals. The genre, popular with DJs of the time, began to attract producers in the UK away from making Jungle, which was rapidly losing popularity. Garage’s popularity soon skyrocketed, with its demand in raves rapidly spreading to nightclubs. In the late 90s and early 00s, Garage songs were consistently topping the chart. However, this popularity didn’t last long. 2002 marked the “death of Garage” and it returned to the underground once more, splitting into new genres, the main ones being Grime and Dubstep. However, Garage never really did die, and can still be heard today: in many modern Pop and Dance tracks, and it even has an avid community of “NUKG” (Newschool UK Garage) producers, DJs and listeners.